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August 20, 2013

I am currently in a drawing moods

Dear Blogger,

ATCs is the right format to try things out. So did I and let me tell you I just love to draw with my WC Pencils.
Here is a collection of  my best work of Art (ATCs) I have been creating so fare,  the last couple of weeks...

Johnny Depp
True Blood - Sooknie

Brendon Urie
Marylin Monroe
True Blood

Hope you did enjoy watching this ATCs - and Thank you for visiting my Blog!
xoxo SanDee1899

August 14, 2013


Dear Blogger,

to be honest, usually I do not spend to much time by thinking of Envelops ... they just cost 5cent each and ....
But than I tought, well I spend such a lot of time to create a wonderful Card or ATC - it might be good,  also spending some time to give my special Project a wonderful and unique "frame"... so I started to create Envelops from old Magazines / old paper and here are my first one... hope you like them

Kind Regards and xoxo SanDee1899

August 02, 2013

August Steampunk Challenge "Steampunk Matchboxes"

Dear all,

thank you all for your lovely words in my last Post, I was really very touched to see such a lot of friends in Blogland :-)

I really needed some dispersal and did book a Andy Skinner Online Workshop. Gosh that was so much much fun and I really did love to use this new knowdlege for this month Challenge!

Watch out my entry for the this month Challenge, but do not miss to have as well a closer look on the SanDee&amelies STEAMPUNK Challenge Blog themself. We got such an amazing Guest Artist Candy Colwell for August Challenge. Just WOW!-  don´t miss to see her absolutely amazing Project...

But last but not least here is mine:

Thank you indeed for watching my Blog 

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