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March 27, 2013

...children book... part 2 .... to be continued

Dear Blogger,

first of all I do like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to all my new FOLLOWER!
I can´t tell how much it means to me you following me - it just give me such a warm pleasant feeling!

Thank you!

Reading your comments most of you wanted to see more painting I have done for my Son
 and his  "children book" I am working on...  which is about persuading Kids to have a long walk in the rain.

I just finished the second page and couldn´t wait to share with YOU dear follower.
So here is Part 2:

Hope you like it!
Can´t wait what you may say this time.
big hugs from

March 25, 2013

Challenge Quotable

Dear Blogger,

Simon Says Stamp has this week a challege about a lines from a favorite movie ... a sentiment on a stamp you keep meaning to use more or an inspirational quote to something a family member is always saying.

Well this has been verfy easy for me to find...
I do love Jane Austen, well she is a writer but most of her work has been picturized.
My absolute favorite Movie is the classic novel  "Pride and Prejudice" produced 1995 by BBC with the marvelous Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy and a fabolous Jennifer Ehle as Elisabeth Bennet.

"not one heardbeat do I forget" is actually a line from the movie "Lost in Austen" which is a well done parody on the Original just above mention 1995 BBC Production. So I mixed them together and her is my ATC I submitted for this challenge:

Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth)

Elisabeth Bennet (Jennifer Ehle)

Thank you soooo much for watching my Blog!

March 21, 2013

In memory of Jackson Pollock

Dear Blogger,

Watching every day your Blogs and seeing that amazing piece of Art -  HEY YOU are so talented!
You are such outstanding Artist! WOW!  I just love Blogland :-)

You may wonder what then the Title has to do with YOU? Well I will explaine:
Jackson Pollock is the inventor of "Action Painting". He was an influential American painter (1912-1956) and a major figure in the abstract expressionism. The technique seems to be simple if you see it the first time. But it is really difficult to get the result you may like.
In the time Pollock has presented his Art (in the late 1940s), he was unique, maybe not always well understood (some may thought - every Kid could do "Action Painting") but in the end he became famous and his Paiting and his Art is still the most expensive Paiting  in USA.

Go your way and try things out.. try this..."Action Painting" is such a lot of fun!
I really like encourage you today! Have Fun!

my first try "action paiting" by SanDee1899 :-)

Thank you for watching my blog!
I really looking forward to see you pieces of art!
Yours SanDee

March 18, 2013

A children´s book for rainy days -

Dear Blogger,

today you get something real special!

March can often be a very wet month here where I live in Germany, rain pouring down regularly and so I thought -  how can  I keep the moods of my son up and persuade him to have a long walk in the rain well, ....maybe If I read him an amazing, adventure story (about walking in the rain) ??? ....Will this work -  so I have started to create my own Childrens (for my Son) book - so here is the first page...  (and by the way - it did work - so far *lol)

...and guess what? It also fits into the current SSSS Challenge about "Water" - which I have submitted  this piece of art.

The children´s book for rainy days is not finished yet ... but will be continued... and If you like I will share with YOU.

Thank you so much for watching my blog.
Cant wait to hear/read what you think!

March 14, 2013

My very first Video tutorial - about Steampunk patina background...

Dear Blogger,

I have such a great suprise for all of you today...

Since I have been getting such a lot of question about how I have done the Steampunk Patina background on my ATC. I thought I might like to create a video to show you all ....

So here (applause) is my first Video tutorial.

I really hope you enjoy it - can´t wait to hear what you think.
... I am working to improve the quality on my Video - so who know I may do some more
it has been so much fun!

Thank you for watching  and

March 12, 2013

Bird Challenge for TMTA

for TMTA

Thank you so much for watching, hope you like it?

March 11, 2013

Heat Embossing - Mermaid ATC

 for MMM challenge

thank you for watching

March 07, 2013

Mixed Media Steampunk Collage

Dear Blog fellow,

you may have been wondering what I have been doing the last couple of days. Since you may be already addicted to get some STEAMPUNK news from me :-) ....hahahaha
I will share with you what I have done... :-) .... I have been watching YouTube Videos and I did found this amazing Video from Luvleescrappin ... watch this out.... WOW!


Part 2:

After I watched this over and over again - I just wanted to do my own Project "inspired by nature"
And here is my project in work in process:

Not sure if this is "really" the last step ... *lol  or if I may need to add some mor colour....
I had so much fun doing this.... so that it will for sure not be my last project in this style....
I am already thinking of trying it on canvas....

Thank YOU for watching my blog!

PS: Just in case Anna Dabrowka a.k.a. FINNABAIR is for sure the mother of Inspiration if it goes into this kind of work:

March 04, 2013

Part two "Chuckoo clocks goes Steampunk"

Dear Blogger,

thank you for droping by I am so touched by your lovely comments and just like to say Thank YOU!

 We had an amazing start on our SanDee & Amelie´s STEAMPUNK Challenge  blog, which is open since the first of March with the Challenge Theme

"Cuckoo clocks goes Steampunk" 

We would be so glad to welcome you, dear crafting friends, followers and those yet to become, at our new tiny Steampunk corner. Just click the image to get there! The Challenge is open from March 1st till March 30th. We hope to meet you there!!!
Today I do like to share with you my second so fun Project...
Did some of you been on the CHA? Did you visit the Tim Holtz booth? Lucky you...
I just have seen all the Videos and got such a lot of inspiration I can tell.

One Idea I have been using to creat this second Project for the Layering the Clockwork between transparent plastic sheets.

I hope you did enjoy it and see you soon again...

Numbers ATC

done for Simon Says Stamp

Thank you for watching!

March 01, 2013


Dear Steampunk fellows,

Long waited for and finally the SanDee & Amelie´s STEAMPUNK CHALLENGE is open...

First of all thank you all ,so much for your wishes and hopes and everything ...  I am very touched....
and I can´t wait to see what you will show us....

For today, find my first little piece of art for the Steampunk Challenge here:

To create this Tag was so much fun, I hope you did enjoy it, too.
Looking forward to meet you at the Challenge Blog.

Take care

12 Tags of 2013 - March

done for Tim Holtz

Do you get the Joke? *lol

Thank you so much for watching (and laughing)
Thank you for your comments
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