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June 21, 2013

Summer is colourful!

Dear Blogger and Friends,

we did have here where I life about 100°F / 38,5°C day time temperature. There is no way for sleep since still at night it is quite hot ( it isn´t usually common in Germany to use any air condition in private houses.) Well but it is cool enough to Craft at night *lol
Summer is for me always colourful and as some of you may know I am very keen on human eyes.
I always wanted to try this kind of melted eyes ... so why not combining it?

Here is my work of art I have done for the AFA Watercolour Challenge:
What do you think?


Have a nice week-end!
thank you for watching my blog
XOXO SanDee1899

June 19, 2013

Flowers for Fun with ATC

Dear fellows,

just want to show you shortly my ATC I have done for the Fun with ATC Challenge

Do you like it?
Thank you for watching my Blog!
xoxo SanDee1899

June 17, 2013

New week - new chance!

Hello Dear Friends and Dear Followers,
Hope you are all well!
Another week has flown by and my Steampunk muse is still absent.

My School Teacher always said anyone can draw. So I decided to give it a try since I currently have no
idea for any Steampunk Projects.

I did start to watched quite some YouTube Videos and found a lot of  Artist
who are showing - so called speed drawing. In less than 5 minutes they show you how to draw things.
I am not very good in realistic drawing (I never know how to do shadow and give the whole drawing/painting some 3D effect) but while I was watching those Videos I really learnd a lot - and it did become very easy - I would love to encourage to try it out!

Here is my current favorite Artist:

 Marcello Barenghi:

and here is my drawing in ATC Format I have done after watching....

Drawing / Painting is for sure something you should try out and practice ...
So again I really love to encourage you to try!

Thank you for watching my Blog and for your comments!
XOXO Yours SanDee

PS if you see my STEAMPUNK Muse could you kindly send her back to me? *lol

June 14, 2013

She´s back!

Dear Blogger,

I would say, one of the reason I have started to try Mixed Media Projects or even why I started to love Steampunks is because of RachO113. I am very fond of her work of art. She is such an inspiration to me
so extraordinary talented and she has done over 100 Youtube Videos to share her work. Just a few days ago Rachel has started to post again after some time off... I can´t tell how excited I am about it. Welcome back Rachel!!!

Looking over her latest Video I just found this again  "Glimmer Mist Background Tutorial"  and wanted to do some by myself.... so here are mine:

Out of one sheet,  I did create an envelop for an ATC Swap I have been working on so here is the final Project. Isn´t it fabolous?

Envelop for ATCs

Thank you for watching my Blog and I wish you all a wonderful week-end

June 13, 2013

Oh my gosh!!!

Dear Blogger,

yesterday I found in my mail Box a very very big suprise!

Let me tell you, a couple of days ago I left a comment on Rosies Blog that I really do adore her Sraplings Bookmarks. And guess what she did, she just send me this amazing Steampunk one Wow.
But hold on not only that she also send me this absolutely marvelous - stunning 3D Piece of art. And also one ATC - wow wow wow!!! Not mention this wonderul Card!!!
Can you believe it I still can´t I am so verry very thankful and also touched by this wonderful suprise
my Dear Rosie - THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for watching!

June 12, 2013

Watercolour Trees ATCs

Dear Blogger,

I really wanted to join this ATC Swap to try this Watercolour Trees.
What do you think?

Do you like it- can´t wait to read what you say!
XOXO SanDee189

June 10, 2013

Other "Art" I do :-)

Dear Blogger,

once a year I do grant myself the pleasure to join a Bob Ross Workshop. I really love the Landscape painting. It is such a lot of fun with such a lot of different People who are all in love with Oil Paiting in Bob Ross Technique.

So I don´t wanna let you wait any longer here you see my latest Project done.

Can´t wait to hear what you think!

June 01, 2013

June Steampunk Challenge - "Underwater Steampunk!"

Dea Bloggers,

I just returned  from an amazing oustanding Holiday thank you all for your warm wishes -
and yes I had a marvelous time with my family.

Recently I have received a wonderful Card from Turwen witch has been my inspiration for creating this June  STEAMPUNK CHALLENGE Card. By the way THANK YOU Turwen :-)

The Frame of this card has been stamped and embossed with Stamps from our Sponsor 3rd Eyes.

They do have a wide range of wonderful Stamps -they are in a handy size and for a really very good / reasonable price.

So here are more details on Pictures of my Project for this month:
The Sea Horse is done with Polymer clay and I got this inspiration from the
Book "Steampunkery from Christi Friesen".

Hope you like it and thank you for watching my Blog!
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